Premises and Products Liability in Denver, Colorado

If you have been involved in an incident that has left with you with serious injuries, you may be entitled to economic recovery. Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates, P.C. is committed to litigating your case to its fullest extent in a variety of courts in order to fully protect our clients' interests. From slip and falls to injuries on someone's property, we will work hard to get the compensation you deserve. The outcome of these injuries can leave you distraught from loss of income at work, medical bills, and the pain and emotional distress you suffer. We are dedicated to bringing you the reimbursements you are entitled to. At Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates, P.C. we are highly detailed in the preparation of each case. In the pursuit to win for our clients, we are relentless.
We are more forceful than the opposing attorneys and are aggressive against the opposition. Most cases are settled before they reach trial. However, at Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates, P.C. it is our promise that we get you the highest recovery possible. We will never settle your case without your permission. Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates, P.C. also works with clients to ensure coordination of coverage through all health insurance and auto insurance policies available to ensure maximum recovery. We accept personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning our firm only receives an attorney fee if our clients recover and not otherwise. Insurance companies will try to compensate you for less than what you should be, so it is crucial that you speak with a lawyer after your accident to guarantee that your rights are preserved. When you are a victim of a serious accident, choosing the right lawyer can have an important impact on your case.