Health and Insurance Law in Denver, Colorado

We understand the stress of having health, life and accident coverage with an insurance company. Some people feel as if insurance companies do not want to pay a fair amount.

Geoffrey S. Gulinson and Associates has particular experience helping clients resolve coverage disputes with health, accident, and life insurance companies. We have the knowledge and experience to determine what coverage is available and challenge coverage denials by health insurance companies, managed care companies and life and accident insurers.

We are also skilled with challenging coverage denials based on policy coverage exclusions, pre-existing conditions, misrepresentation or omissions in the applications, ERISA, presumption, insurability clauses, coverage limits, subrogation, claim filing deadlines, allegations of fraud and other matters.

If you or someone you love has questions about your insurance coverage or denied claims, it is important to contact an experienced insurance attorney in Denver to help you. You do not have to face your injury and the insurance companies alone.